Dongning talks at the Collagen GRS!

Congrats to Dongning for giving a well-received talk "The Effect of Large Proteoglycans on the Structure and Mechanics of Collagenous Matrices" at the Collagen Gordon Research Symposium in New Hampshire 2 days ago.

Abby at BMES!

Abby just heard that she has an oral presentation at BMES, to be held this fall. Come hear about her work on lipid droplets in hepatocytes being mechanical stressors!

“Lipid Accumulation in Hepatocytes Disrupts the Cell Cytoskeleton and Causes Nuclear Deformation”

Congratulations to Jess!

Bravo to Jess for a great presentation at the recent ASMB FIbroblast meeting at UVA (delivered about 5 minutes after she learned she’d won an ALF Postdoctoral Award)!

Mid-Summer Lab Update and Congratulations

The lab is thrilled to have Orit back for the month of July, from her lab in Tel Aviv, and also congratulates her on her recent grant!

We also congratulate Jess, who formally received her PhD (and wore interesting headgear) in Manchester, UK, last week.

Congratulations to Alyssa, Gauri, and Jess for great posters at the recent NIH Biliary Atresia Symposium -- the work was incredibly well received.

Finally, we were delighted to host Center for Engineering Mechanobiology Boot Camp students as they carried out a final project on Arabidopsis pollen tubes. This was the first and is probably the last time the lab will do Arabidopsis experiments!


Hello and Goodbye

The lab says goodbye to Amy and Hani as they head off to Brown graduate school and UPenn Med School, respectively. They have been wonderful to have in the lab!

But we welcome Kimonni and Cassie, our CEMB REU students, who are here for 10 weeks!

And we look forward to the arrival, soon, of Rocky, Yu, Andrew, and Abby. Welcome everyone!

BA Mini-symposium

The lab thanks our colleagues Liz Rand, Kathy Loomes, Pierre Russo, and Neil Theise for participating in a "mini-symposium" last week, giving us advice on priorities in our BA research. And thanks also to Orit, Nicolette, and Andrew for joining us!

BA Project Updates!

The lab had a great time with visiting consultant pathologist Neil Theise last Friday, spending 3 hours at the TEM scope (and making some AMAZING observations). Alyssa spent Sunday morning at the confocal microscope looking at EH bile ducts from our mouse pups (also making some exciting observations). Alyssa is giving a short presentation to BA family members at BA Family Day at CHOP this Sunday, March 26.


Alyssa wins poster award!

For the second year in a row, our lab has received the postdoc poster award at the CHOP poster day. Congratulations to Alyssa for her great poster and award!

Congratulations to Gi Yun!

We're going to miss Gi Yun, but are thrilled that he's gotten into medical school in Korea (which is extremely difficult). Congratulations Gi Yun, and best wishes from the whole lab!

The Center for Engineering Mechanobiology is up and running!

The NSF-funded Center for Engineering Mechanobiology (CEMB) is now officially in existence. This center is one of 4 new NSF Science and Technology Centers funded this year (out of 260+ applications) and includes research, education, and outreach components, all with the goal of linking the physical sciences, engineering, and mechanobiology. CEMB will provide seminars, retreats, hands on and theoretical training, and exciting research into the mechanobiology of plant and animal cells.

Bridget's paper accepted!

Congratulations to Bridget for another 2016 milestone -- her paper "Fibronectin extra domain A promotes liver sinusoid repair following hepatectomy" was just accepted by PLoS One!

(October 14-- now online!)