Congratulations to Gi Yun!

We're going to miss Gi Yun, but are thrilled that he's gotten into medical school in Korea (which is extremely difficult). Congratulations Gi Yun, and best wishes from the whole lab!

The Center for Engineering Mechanobiology is up and running!

The NSF-funded Center for Engineering Mechanobiology (CEMB) is now officially in existence. This center is one of 4 new NSF Science and Technology Centers funded this year (out of 260+ applications) and includes research, education, and outreach components, all with the goal of linking the physical sciences, engineering, and mechanobiology. CEMB will provide seminars, retreats, hands on and theoretical training, and exciting research into the mechanobiology of plant and animal cells.

Bridget's paper accepted!

Congratulations to Bridget for another 2016 milestone -- her paper "Fibronectin extra domain A promotes liver sinusoid repair following hepatectomy" was just accepted by PLoS One!

(October 14-- now online!)

Abby's poster at BMES!

Congrats to Abby -- her abstract was accepted for a poster presentation at BMES!  "The Role of Hyaluronic Acid in Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma"

AASLD success!

Congratulations to Alyssa for having her abstract "Biliatresone, a toxic model of biliary atresia in animals, causes reversible damage to extrahepatic bile ducts and peribiliary glands, and its toxicity is mitigated equivalently by adult and neonatal hepatocytes" to the AASLD Annual Meeting (November, Boston) accepted for an oral presentation, with an associated travel grant!

The end of the summer program

The lab is sad to say goodbye to our two phenomenal USSP undergrads, Rocky Giwa (Fisk) and Abby Loneker (Pitt). It was a fantastic summer and they both did great research! Both are always welcome back, and we wish them the best in their senior years.

Posters and presentations!

Congratulations to Orit and Likang for successful poser presentations at the recent FASEB Liver Biology and Pathobiology meeting in West Palm Beach, FL. Congrats also to Likang for her talk at the PSOC@Penn symposium on July 25, and to Abby for her poster presentation at the same meeting.

Best wishes!

We wish Orit and Shannon good luck as they move on to the next phase of their careers – Orit as a faculty member with her own lab at the Sackler Children's Hospital in Tel Aviv, and Shannon as a graduate student at the University of Maryland!